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I’ve been a bit quiet on the blogging front lately - been busy with a few things.

My main distraction has been Twitnote, a project James & I have been working on over the past few weeks. It was born when I tried to find a way to tweet notes at myself on twitter, without clogging up my direct messages etc. I wanted to be able to send a quick tweet and then read it later - the simple brilliance of it being that I can tweet from anywhere! If I could tweet, I could send myself a note. I had a look around and there was nothing I could find that was exactly what I wanted. So James & I decided to build something together instead! The things geeks do for fun, quite sad really.

It will be quite cool I think - so far it supports hashtags, starring, archiving, & sharing notes via email/twitter. You can set notes to be public/private and each user has a public page with an RSS feed (or they will by the time we’ve finished it!). I did the design and we’ve got it so it fetches your profile colours/background from twitter - quite neat :).

Last week there was also the very momentus occasion otherwise known as A Trip To IKEA. And yes, meatballs were eaten. Plenty of meatballs. This trip to IKEA was especially important as we have now purchased our last piece of furniture for the house! Yay!! Then we had to figure out how to build the futon, but we managed it in the end - and Homily likes it!

Homily on the futon

On Saturday James & I went to Crufts for the day. I’m not going to get into the whole fuss about breeding - I think that it’s been blown out of proportion a bit, really - I don’t want to contribute to that! We had a great day & got Homily a new toy, that she actually plays with! Ok, so it involves food - it always involves food where Homily is concerned! I got to watch some agility, heelwork to music & the flyball team finals, so I’m happy! Spent far too much money on my spoilt dog though (as per usual).


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