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So, the point of this is that (if you want to), you can comment asking me to list 5 things I associate with you. You then take those 5 things and elaborate on them in your blog. It’s an interesting way to get to know/find out more about people :-).

I got these words from other people’s blog posts:

  • Char gave me: Computers; Homily; Married life; websites; illness.
  • Amy gave me: Playmobil, jolly postman, heron brook, kaushpa tater! and hedgehogs
  • Kelli gave me: europe, apple, wedding, long hair, chicken

Ok, so here we go!


This one is an obvious one - I love computers! I’ve had one since I was quite young (definitely whilst still in primary school so circa ~1995), and had an Amiga before that! I had a computer when floppy discs actually were floppy - I remember once a friend of the family had a cd with them and tried to force it into the slot of our ‘B drive’ - it didn’t turn out well! Since I was a teenager I have been tinkering with both the physical innards of computers and with the software. I’ve installed linux for fun & am the go-to girl at work for anything computer related. I find the speed of the technological development fascinating. You only have to look at how small computers are getting now, in comparison with the huge computers of the not-to-distant past.

Floppy vs. Memorystick
Creative Commons License photo credit: Phil Strahl


Homily is my dog - a 4 year old Norwich Terrier, who I generally consider to be the cutest dog in the world. Otherwise known an ‘HomPom’, she is my teddy bear doggie! She is very well behaved and will put up with anything, which often involves James teasing her like mad! We have only had Homily for a year & a half, but I couldn’t imagine our life without her! She comforts me when I’m sad, and is incredibly loyal - I am definitely master #1, with James coming in at #2!

And of course, Homily is a web 2.0 savvy dog! She has a website, and a twitter account (where she has lots of doggie friends!).


Married life

James and I have been married now for over 3 months, and I can honestly say that… it’s not much different to how our unmarried life was, except now James gets to call me ‘Wifey’! Before the wedding, James was my best friend and I couldn’t comprehend losing him, and I feel exactly the same way now. I’m not saying that I regret marrying him, or spending all that money on the wedding, because I don’t, not at all. James & I stood up in front of our friends & family - declared our love for each other, and promised to stick together for the rest of our lives. Sometimes he drives me up the wall, and sometimes I wind him up - but we’re still as in love as we were when we got together, and still laughing together every day.

Me & James


I guess it’s simple to see why I’ve had this word associated with me. I love web design & blogging - I’m comfortable with css, html & (not-too-complex) php. I find it a satisfying hobby, to create websites, and something I would love to do full time. Unfortunately I’m just not good enough! Recently I’ve done quite a few website designs/redesigns, namely homily, jamescorkhill, twitnote - and I’m working on corkysheep!


I know, I moan too much! I must have been moaning too much to have had this word associated with me!

I have Chronic Daily Headaches (CDH), along with Cluster Headaches. I’m currently in remission as far as my clusters are concerned, but my CDH affects me every day - sometimes not so bad, but sometimes really bad. To find out more about my conditions, please read this post.


Amy gave me this one - which is a reference to our younger years! I’ve known Amy since we were in primary school together, and we shared many fun games in those times! For those that don’t know, playmobil are small people similar to lego but without the building blocks aspect. I think  I’ll leave it at that…

Creative Commons License photo credit: Rakka

Jolly Postman

Well… who doesn’t love the Jolly Postman, huh? He’s just so Jolly!

It was actually one of the signs of fate when James & I got together that I found an old Jolly Postman book on his bookshelf in the flat! I must have read this dozens of time when I was a child.

The Jolly Postman
Creative Commons License photo credit: Chatiryworld

Heron Brook

Heron Brook is the name of my primary school, which was actually called ‘St Lawrence Primary School’ when I went there. I’m not sure how much I enjoyed my primary school years. I was a bit of a loner sometimes - I had this imaginary friend that was a fairy who sat on my shoulder and kept me company in the playground! I remember a few instances of bullying but nothing major, really. I was always big on reading and good at maths, so it probably stemmed from me being a bit nerdy!

Kaushpa Tater!

This is a reference to Murder Mystery parties I used to host - I should get round to throwing another one! The basic premise is that you have a group of friends round for a dinner party and each person portrays a different character from the story. Someone has been murdered and one of you is the killer! You have to listen to a tape which provides you with clues, and interrogate each other about the murder. Great fun - you get to dress up in fun costumes and accuse your friends of murder - what could be better than that?!


For as long as I can remember, hedgehogs have been my favourite animal. They’re just so sweet! In truth though, I adore all kinds of animals. Before James, I was definitely a ‘cat-person’.. but since getting together with him I have been swayed towards being a ‘dog-person’ at the same time! I used to really love hedgehogs though, including doing the obsessive collecting thing. I had hedgehog slippers, hedgehog pens, hedgehog ornaments… you get the idea.

African Pygmy Hedgehog
Creative Commons License photo credit: meantux


I am from the UK, but I haven’t actually travelled a lot in Europe. I have been to France, Germany & Greece - all of which were either school or university trips. One thing I would love to do with James is to see some places I haven’t had the chance to see before.


I love Apple hardware, and software. We have a macbook, an imac, an airport extreme, and two iPhones. Lots of love for the Apple in this house! I don’t know where I’d be without my iPhone now, it contains my life - my calendar, address book, photos, etc! It’s my camera & my notebook. I can upload photos to flickr within a minute of taking them, read & send emails, etc. There is no denying that you pay more for Apple hardware - but it is SO worth it!


I got married on December 12th 2008, and it was the best day of my life. We had a great time :-). It was the result of over a years planning, and I developed a bit of organisational OCD when I was planning it! The whole thing went off without a hitch though. I’m planning to write a proper blog post about it soon, with all the details!


Long Hair

I do have quite long hair - it grows an average of 1 inch per month. It’s currently about 20 inches long, I think (equates to about 51 cm). My hair is a bit odd though, it won’t take any kind of hair dye - even perm dye fades out in a few weeks. Despite many tries. I know my only option would be to bleach it first, but I would have to keep bleaching the roots etc, so I wouldn’t ever go that way.


I.. really have no idea. I like eating chicken, but no idea why Kelli associates this word with me?!

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Date: 2009-03-30 12:57 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] gaia-kiari.livejournal.com
You don't moan too much! I just know that you're ill, too. I was struggling to think of words that weren't completely obvious XD

Date: 2009-03-30 04:53 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] zoecorkhill.livejournal.com
Lol, I know you didn't mean it like that! It's really hard to think up words!!


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