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Apr. 5th, 2009 11:14 pm
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One of my favourite things about being married is that I have weekends again - no wedding planning to do! Of course, I should have done more washing & more housework, but James & I had a really relaxing weekend for a change - and that was great. :)

Friday Thursday1 evening I had the house to myself & so I got to curl up in front of trashy tv with my laptop. Project Runway followed closely by America’s Next Top Model. As James says, both are full of bitchy men & women, only one is about the clothes more than the modelling, and visa versa!

Saturday was puppy sitting, long walk in the fields along a random public footpath, leisurely drinks in a pub garden & bright pink fairy cakes (which James helped decorate - see photos below!). Super Mario Galaxy & Heroes.

Puppies! IMG_0223 Homily Homily Me & Homily James Cakes! Fairy cake

Today James treated me to the cinema to go see Duplicity - I enjoyed it, will probably post more tomorrow about that! A yummy roast chicken dinner & now I’m watching Dirty Dancing while James snoozes beside me. Apparently it was a crime that I’d never seen it before!

Like I say, it’s a fabulous thing to have a relaxing weekend for a change! I definitely feel better than when I came home from work on Friday.

Only four days then it’s holiday time for me!

  1. I seem to have forgotten what happened on Friday evening. Therefore it must have been stressfree!

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