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In the blogosphere, Thursday seems to be the day to count your blessings. And what better way to cheer yourself up than a blog post about the things that have made you smile this week? Seems like a good idea to me. I will try to do a TiLT each week, but I’m not making any promises!


The things I love this week are:

Thursday is the new Friday - As well as the brilliance of Friday & Monday being bank holidays, I have next week off.. a whole 10 days with no work.. Who wouldn’t love that?! We’re going to Dorset for a wedding, which will be lovely as we are staying in a holiday cottage with my family, and I am really looking forward to showing James around where I was born & went on holidays as a child etc. For the second half of the week we’re driving up to Newcastle to see loads of different family people, which should be nice. Lots of driving for James though - I expect the car will have another 1,000 miles on the clock by the time we are back in Birmingham.

His Dark Materials - My mother-in-law was very kind & treated James & I to go & see an adaptation of the His Dark Materials trilogy by Philip Pullman at the REP in Birmingham. I loved every minute of it - it was brilliantly done. The daemons were portrayed by puppets & were simply fantastic to watch; they displayed different emotions very well & you got a real sense of the characters. One of my favourite aspects of it was that they didn’t use much in the way of sets - just some tables, boxes & your imagination - it was very simple but effective. As a result I’m rereading the books at the moment - this could possibly be a factor in my tiredness - I’ve been reading late by accident!

Seeing friends - A good friend of mine is coming over this evening, yay! This makes me happy, especially since I was being a grump the other day and moaning that I hardly get to see anyone cos we’re so strapped for cash lately (£420 on the car last month - OUCH). And the wedding I’m going to on Saturday is an old family friend - I haven’t seen her since my wedding - and I haven’t seen her kids since I don’t know when, must be a good few years now.

Easter Eggs - Why does chocolate taste better in egg form? I’m not sure why, but I know I’m looking forward to the yumminess that is Easter! Nom nom nom.

Hot Chocolate - I’ve taken to having a few Cadbury Highlights sachets in my drawer at work so that when I want a bit of a pick-me-up I can have a gorgeous mug of hot choc without much guilt. The only drinks we have at work are tea & coffee and I don’t want to overdo the caffeine so I’m stuck with water most the time! It’s nice to have another option, especially one that involves chocolate! Especially on a day like today when it’s wet & cold outside.

P.S. Like the TiLT pic? That’s meeeee!

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