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I have spent the last 5 days with my family, staying in a holiday cottage near West Milton.

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We arrived on Saturday, heading straight to Dorchester for Pene’s wedding. A little history may be required here: my family used to live in Dorset until I was two, and Pene & my Mum met in the maternity ward after my big sister & Pene’s eldest child were born. After the bonding over the two worst behaved babies in the ward, Pene’s kids grew up going camping with us, etc. It was lovely to see her and the three children at the wedding - though quite a few years have passed since I last saw them! The wedding was lovely - it had a Venetian theme which meant we were all given masks, a lovely touch. There was a magician coming round the tables to entertain us - he was fantastic, I had no idea how he was doing things!


Easter Sunday was spent giving & receiving Easter goodies, taking a rambling walk around the nearby fields (and through a hedge) with Mum & Dad, and generally relaxing in our temporary home. James gave me my first ever Lindt bunny, so he is in the good books for quite a while! ¬†James & I headed to Weymouth on Easter Monday, so I could show him the town I was born in! After wandering around on the beach and doing a bit of window shopping we headed to Cineworld to watch Monsters vs. Aliens 3D which was¬†splendiferous! I’ll post a review of that sometime in the next few days, hopefully!

James at Weymouth

Yesterday was a ‘veg’ day, as James, Dad & myself slouched on the sofas, watched horror films & played on our DS lites. I got a bit freaked out at the films - we watched the Ring & House of 9 - neither of which I’d seen before. Other than the slight element of terror, it was a wonderful relaxing day - just what we needed from our holiday, especially as today was so much busier - we popped to Dorchester for lunch then had the long drive back to Birmingham. And we got Homily back, yay! It has to be said that one of the most exciting parts of the day was our trip to Wellworths in Dorchester - James even bought me a little bit of pic a mix! It’s great, I wish our Woolies had turned into Wellies, instead of being an empty shell. It had useful things, like screws and bolts, as well as sweets and toys - I think it’s selection of stock is better than the last few years of Woolworths.

A selection of photos from the trip:

Easter Goodies In the Lane Flutterby Dad & Mum James at Weymouth Me & James Me & James Me James Blue Clock James looking stylish Me looking FABULOUS dahling BUNNY!! Wellworths James Jennie Me Mask

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