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Ok, so I know that I said that I wasn’t going to do anymore of these, but I was curious to see what words James would give me - he is my husband after all, it should be a good insight into our relationship :P

The words he gave me are: silly, roasts, books, web design, cdm


I’m guessing James chose this one because I can be very silly at times! He makes me laugh and we can be very very silly together as well. I like to keep my sense of humour as much as possible - even when we are arguing we always end up laughing together half the time!


This word = evidence of James’s cupboard love. I make a good roast dinner and I have a husband who sucks up to me for it! They’re fairly easy to do but he swears that mine are much much better than his attempts! And of course the dog loves them too…

Doggy dinner


I love love love reading. An example is this is that I recently read Jill Mansell’s new book in two days. But of course, anyone reading my blog already knows I love books, due to my ravings review about bookmooch a few days ago

Web Design

I love to play with web design & development - and hopefully will start doing this more and more.. I’m currently designing a business website for a friend of mine, as well as redesigning our own ‘wedding website’, and I still have more to do on twitnote! Plans also include making a few Wordpress themes to give out for freeee and a Dreamwidth theme for a friend. Lots to do! Watch this space ;-)


I think James was running out of ideas by this point! Cadbury’s Dairy Milk is my favourite chocolate, I love Cadbury’s buttons, wispas, etc, etc. YUM. Hmmm… I want a choccy bar now!

Cadbury's Dairy Milk
Creative Commons License photo credit: carldpatterson

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