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James & I went to see Monsters Vs Aliens 3D at the Cineworld in Weymouth, while we were staying in Dorset with my family at Easter. The weather forecast for the rest of the afternoon was gloomy & what better way to enjoy a trip to the seaside than to relax in front of a fun film!?

Monsters vs Aliens

This was my first 3D film with the new RealD technology, so I’ll talk about that first. My memories of going to see 3D films still involved the cardboard glasses with red & green flimsy plastic lenses that were so dreadfully uncomfortable throughout the entire film! The new style glasses with their stiff plastic frames were comfortable and you could actually see (almost) properly through them, which made it hard to believe that they were going to actually work.

Being the geek I am, I immediately whipped out my iPhone while we were waiting in the cinema for the film to start, and looked the technology up on wikipedia, whispering the details to James1. Anyway, As soon as the 3D trailers began, I started to get excited, waggling the glasses up & down my nose to try and observe the effect. Needless to say, technology has come on in leaps & bounds since the days of the old 3D method, and the 3D effect you get from the polarised glasses is brilliant - it had me jumping in my seat as objects leapt off the screen at my face. You really do feel as if things are jumping out right to your nose!

  1. Of course, this was much annoyance of our neighbours - really, who is that interested in a blank screen that they get wound up about some talking before the film; the adverts hadn’t even started yet!

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