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I should have written this post over a week ago but never mind!

Following our Easter Trip to Dorset, James & I headed North to visit a multitude of family members! After we got back to Birmingham on Wednesday (15th) we unpacked, did a washload, slept, repacked, and headed off again on our travels on Thursday (16th) - as you can tell it was a very restful holiday, our Easter week off!

We headed to Newcastle1 first of all, where we went straight to Uncle Richard’s2 house. Homily disgraced us within 10 minutes of our arrival - as James and I sat down to rest & have a coffee, we suddenly noticed that our little dog had disappeared into the kitchen when we weren’t watching.. Now, Richard’s dog Robbie is of the mindset that food is just not that important in the grand scheme of things. As a result of this, in their household a bowl full of dog biscuits can be left on the floor to be nibbled on throughout the day. Of course, this concept is completely incomprehensible to our greedy little Terrier, and so she was delighted to be greeted by half a bowl of yummy dog food upon our arrival. The amount of food the dog ate was roughly equal to a week’s worth of her normal food - which left her a very fat doggie for a day or two!

  1. For clarification - we visited Newcastle-Upon-Tyne. I say this because I grew up near Stafford, and whenever we mentioned Newcastle to each other, we meant Newcastle-Under-Lyme.. Newcastle-Upon-Tyne was just ‘The Other Newcastle’.
  2. Richard is James’s Uncle on his father’s side.

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I have spent the last 5 days with my family, staying in a holiday cottage near West Milton.

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We arrived on Saturday, heading straight to Dorchester for Pene’s wedding. A little history may be required here: my family used to live in Dorset until I was two, and Pene & my Mum met in the maternity ward after my big sister & Pene’s eldest child were born. After the bonding over the two worst behaved babies in the ward, Pene’s kids grew up going camping with us, etc. It was lovely to see her and the three children at the wedding - though quite a few years have passed since I last saw them! The wedding was lovely - it had a Venetian theme which meant we were all given masks, a lovely touch. There was a magician coming round the tables to entertain us - he was fantastic, I had no idea how he was doing things!

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May. 4th, 2008 11:22 pm
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Oh, I love that I don’t have to go to work tomorrow. Is there anything better than a warm, relaxing bank holiday weekend?

I went to see Matchbox Twenty live at the NIA on Friday. And my god, were they good! They just got on stage and sang their brilliant songs and had so much fun! So brilliant :D

Have a listen to one of their best songs.. 3 AM - Matchbox Twenty.

We bought Wii Fit last week, and I’ve been having fun since! I’ve racked up 2 hrs 12 mins of torturous exercise so far which doesn’t sound like a lot, but I’ve had a busy few days since we got it Thursday! I’ve already got my favourite activities - I love step aerobics, unlocked all the way to free step, where I’m allowed to watch tv at the same time! Homily has even had a go on the wii fit, and it knows she’s a dog, I’m sure it does!

Highlights of this weekend also include the delivery of our snazzy new fridge freezer, the subsequent trip to ASDA to fill our snazzy new fridge freezer (yay for cheapness!), seeing Matt & Little Jenny Key for the first time in aaaagggggeeeees (which was a very nice surprise, stemming from me seeing a clone of Jen at the MB20 gig), Homily being generally adorable and being very popular at the pet store (one dog has never been so fussed over in one nip into a shop for dentastix!). I know, I’ve had such a thrilling time!

Tomorrow is roast dinner night, as I’ve foolishly mentioned roast dinners at some point this weekend and James gave me his best puppy dog look, so now there is a raw chicken in the fridge and veg in the cupboard! Oh well, I moan & groan, but I will enjoy cooking it really - and I’ll definitely enjoy eating it!

Anyway, I’m off to make banana splits, or some other form of ice cream concoction - the wonders of having a freezer - we have ice cream!

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