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Anyone who has read my twitter updates in the last few days will know that I was ill for a couple of days last week. For anybody reading this who doesn’t know, I have been diagnosed with a few medical conditions over the past 5 or 6 years after suffering with them for several years before that; CDH (Chronic Daily Headaches), Cluster Headaches (otherwise known as suicide headaches).. and the doctor also suspects I am currently anaemic, which doesn’t help!

Someone said to me today “oh, are you in today then? You take a day off every time you have a headache!”, in an attempt at being sarcastic about me being off last week. Needless to say this didn’t make me a happy bunny - if I took a day off every time I had a headache I would never go to work! It also set me thinking, and talking to my boss about my sick days this afternoon got me thinking too.

For most people, a headache is something that happens every now and again, when they are overtired, or stressed - take a few painkillers and it’ll go away. For me, my conditions are frustrating, tiring, and an endless, continual presence in my life. I came home from work today, I got hugged while I cried in frustration, and I turned to a few of my friends for help & support (thank you girls - you know who you are!). Both of these friends have experienced chronic pain, both of them have the curse of being able to understand - which is in one way a wonderful thing, but in another way a horrible thing because I would never wish chronic pain on anybody. But most people I interact with, they don’t know what it is I deal with every day. So I thought I would try to explain - if only to define it for myself.

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