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I should have written this post over a week ago but never mind!

Following our Easter Trip to Dorset, James & I headed North to visit a multitude of family members! After we got back to Birmingham on Wednesday (15th) we unpacked, did a washload, slept, repacked, and headed off again on our travels on Thursday (16th) - as you can tell it was a very restful holiday, our Easter week off!

We headed to Newcastle1 first of all, where we went straight to Uncle Richard’s2 house. Homily disgraced us within 10 minutes of our arrival - as James and I sat down to rest & have a coffee, we suddenly noticed that our little dog had disappeared into the kitchen when we weren’t watching.. Now, Richard’s dog Robbie is of the mindset that food is just not that important in the grand scheme of things. As a result of this, in their household a bowl full of dog biscuits can be left on the floor to be nibbled on throughout the day. Of course, this concept is completely incomprehensible to our greedy little Terrier, and so she was delighted to be greeted by half a bowl of yummy dog food upon our arrival. The amount of food the dog ate was roughly equal to a week’s worth of her normal food - which left her a very fat doggie for a day or two!

  1. For clarification - we visited Newcastle-Upon-Tyne. I say this because I grew up near Stafford, and whenever we mentioned Newcastle to each other, we meant Newcastle-Under-Lyme.. Newcastle-Upon-Tyne was just ‘The Other Newcastle’.
  2. Richard is James’s Uncle on his father’s side.

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Homily is under the impression that ‘up’, ’sit’ and ‘lie down’ all in fact mean ‘roll over’ :D

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Sunshine :D

May. 8th, 2008 05:57 pm
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So, is everyone loving this sunshine? What gorgeous weather we’re having here, all over the UK. I’m off to the Peak District on Saturday with James & some friends, which should be great. A nice relaxing picnic, Homily will enjoy a day out. And benefit from it too, greedy pig, she’s been getting a bit podgy this week. Really looking forward to the weekend :D

I loved this weeks Apprentice episode - very dramatic boardroom! Annoyed that Claire is still in, she annoys me SO MUCH. But I reckon that Sir Alan has a soft spot with her, otherwise she’d have been long gone by now. I thought Jenny was MEAN so it’s good she went - I can’t believe that she tried to cheat with the tennis racquet thing!

Work has been stressing me out a bit today and so I was all hot & flustered - owie headache results. Bah. Stupid people making stupid trouble. That makes more work for Zoe - I’ve been dealing with three very similar issues ALL day that are SO frustrating. Grrrrrrrrr.

Anyway, must dash - I have to go drive around in circles for an hour!

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