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I should have written this post over a week ago but never mind!

Following our Easter Trip to Dorset, James & I headed North to visit a multitude of family members! After we got back to Birmingham on Wednesday (15th) we unpacked, did a washload, slept, repacked, and headed off again on our travels on Thursday (16th) - as you can tell it was a very restful holiday, our Easter week off!

We headed to Newcastle1 first of all, where we went straight to Uncle Richard’s2 house. Homily disgraced us within 10 minutes of our arrival - as James and I sat down to rest & have a coffee, we suddenly noticed that our little dog had disappeared into the kitchen when we weren’t watching.. Now, Richard’s dog Robbie is of the mindset that food is just not that important in the grand scheme of things. As a result of this, in their household a bowl full of dog biscuits can be left on the floor to be nibbled on throughout the day. Of course, this concept is completely incomprehensible to our greedy little Terrier, and so she was delighted to be greeted by half a bowl of yummy dog food upon our arrival. The amount of food the dog ate was roughly equal to a week’s worth of her normal food - which left her a very fat doggie for a day or two!

  1. For clarification - we visited Newcastle-Upon-Tyne. I say this because I grew up near Stafford, and whenever we mentioned Newcastle to each other, we meant Newcastle-Under-Lyme.. Newcastle-Upon-Tyne was just ‘The Other Newcastle’.
  2. Richard is James’s Uncle on his father’s side.

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Had a lovely day today, it began with an exchange of gifts & cards, and a cup of coffee in bed :-). James bought me a slab of dairy milk and some thorntons goodies - he knows me so well, none of those fancy boxes of chocolates for me!! I’m happier with my choccy bar and bags of fudge butter tablet! He also managed to find a valentines hedgehog soft toy - when I was younger I used to collect them and stashed away at my parents house, in the back of a cupboard, is a black sack stuffed with over 60 soft toy hedgehogs. I did try naming them all when I was collecting them but started to run out of suitable names beginning with ‘H’!

After a leisurely morning lunch, we popped over to Ruth’s house to let out the dogs (though I must admit I spent more time playing with the puppy!), then headed to the photographers (Studio Cru) to pick our wedding photos. It took two hours and my eyes were a touch fuzzy by the time we’d looked at about 600 photos! We managed to narrow it down to the ~55 we’re having in the album though. It was a lot easier than I expected actually. Now we just wait for the PDF file to be sent to us for approval, and a month or so after that for the album to arrive.

James took me to dinner at my favourite Chinese restaurant, Lychee Garden, which is on the Hagley Road. We usually eat from their buffet menu but they had a special set valentines menu on tonight. I really enjoyed it because there were a few dishes I wouldn’t order normally - it was nice having a chance to try new flavours! I also liked not having to make any decisions - other than whether to finish off with banana fritter or ice cream! It was a lovely meal :-).

After dinner we slumped in the living room and proceeded to be very geeky - I managed to get my MacBook triple booting OS X, Windows 7 and Ubuntu, and James spent the evening setting up his server! What a romantic conclusion to valentines day!

Originally published at Zoe's Blog. You can comment here or there.


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