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Earlier this week, I noticed someone on twitter talking about their graze.com () box. Being the curious person I am, I decided to go ahead and find out what this was.. turns out it’s a new way to have lunch at the office. Each day, they send you a box in the post, with 3 punnets of fruit/nuts/seeds/etc to graze on throughout the day, instead of having a sandwich.

One of my many flaws is I am a terrible snacker. I like to nibble on things and prefer this to a lunchtime sandwich, so my office eating is bad. Packs of crisps, chocolate bars, biscuits, that kind of thing. Blood sugar highs & lows! So my immediate thought was that this service could really work for me. I’ve tried buying fruit at the supermarket but I forget to pick it up, it’s often not very good quality, and it only stays fresh a few days.

I got my first box this morning and it’s gorgeous. Juicy cherry oranges, roasted pistachios (one of my fav things) and dried strawberries. I’ve had a nibble of each and the quality of the food is very high - it’s all very yummy and good for me! :heart:

Each box costs £2.99, and they can delivery Tues-Sat. I did the maths, and to have 4 boxes a week will cost me about £50 a month.. this sounds like a lot but when I take into account the amount I spend buying snacks to eat at work, on sandwich fillers, sliced meat that never gets finished, and on buying unhealthy sandwiches from the cafe, it’s not that much money. Even if i will be paying ~£10 more than I usually do on eating at work, I think the quality of the food, the fact I will be eating healthily and that it will make my lunches easy to sort out make it worth that. I hate making sandwiches for work and they never taste very nice by the time lunchtime rolls round, especially as I’m not that keen on sandwiches in the first place!

So, from now on, every Tues - Fri I will be getting my graze.com box in the morning post at work. I wonder how long it will take the other girls to notice!

To get your first box for £1, use my ‘feed your friends’ coupon code: 9NV2ZM7

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Anyone who has read my twitter updates in the last few days will know that I was ill for a couple of days last week. For anybody reading this who doesn’t know, I have been diagnosed with a few medical conditions over the past 5 or 6 years after suffering with them for several years before that; CDH (Chronic Daily Headaches), Cluster Headaches (otherwise known as suicide headaches).. and the doctor also suspects I am currently anaemic, which doesn’t help!

Someone said to me today “oh, are you in today then? You take a day off every time you have a headache!”, in an attempt at being sarcastic about me being off last week. Needless to say this didn’t make me a happy bunny - if I took a day off every time I had a headache I would never go to work! It also set me thinking, and talking to my boss about my sick days this afternoon got me thinking too.

For most people, a headache is something that happens every now and again, when they are overtired, or stressed - take a few painkillers and it’ll go away. For me, my conditions are frustrating, tiring, and an endless, continual presence in my life. I came home from work today, I got hugged while I cried in frustration, and I turned to a few of my friends for help & support (thank you girls - you know who you are!). Both of these friends have experienced chronic pain, both of them have the curse of being able to understand - which is in one way a wonderful thing, but in another way a horrible thing because I would never wish chronic pain on anybody. But most people I interact with, they don’t know what it is I deal with every day. So I thought I would try to explain - if only to define it for myself.

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Sunshine :D

May. 8th, 2008 05:57 pm
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So, is everyone loving this sunshine? What gorgeous weather we’re having here, all over the UK. I’m off to the Peak District on Saturday with James & some friends, which should be great. A nice relaxing picnic, Homily will enjoy a day out. And benefit from it too, greedy pig, she’s been getting a bit podgy this week. Really looking forward to the weekend :D

I loved this weeks Apprentice episode - very dramatic boardroom! Annoyed that Claire is still in, she annoys me SO MUCH. But I reckon that Sir Alan has a soft spot with her, otherwise she’d have been long gone by now. I thought Jenny was MEAN so it’s good she went - I can’t believe that she tried to cheat with the tennis racquet thing!

Work has been stressing me out a bit today and so I was all hot & flustered - owie headache results. Bah. Stupid people making stupid trouble. That makes more work for Zoe - I’ve been dealing with three very similar issues ALL day that are SO frustrating. Grrrrrrrrr.

Anyway, must dash - I have to go drive around in circles for an hour!

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That is all.

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